What Does Amenable Mean in Law

Politics seems potentially more accessible in Pennsylvania, and even there, a GOP legislature must follow. The strategy will be to stimulate crises that can be solved through the transfer of resources. Collins, however, could be more accessible after his hard-fought November election ends. Obedient, docile, controllable, accessible meant subject to the will of others. Obedience implies compliance with the requirements or requirements of a member of authority. Obedience to government obediently implies a predisposition to voluntarily submit to control or leadership. A docile child who is manageable suggests having a sign that allows for easy manipulation or management. Wearable animals suggest a willingness to give in or cooperate because they have a desire to be pleasant or because of a natural open-mindedness. Open to new ideas Amenable is a legacy of Anglo-French and is ultimately derived from the Latin minari, which means “threatening”. Since 1596, Anglophones have used it in courtrooms and legal writings with the meaning of “responsible”, as in “citizens accessible to the law”. He then developed the meanings “adjustment” (“a simple function. which is perfectly accessible to arithmetic in pencil and paper” (Nature, April 1973) and “reactive” (as in “Mental illness accessible to drug therapy”). There have also been cases where people with a general predisposition to be pleasant or pleasant have been used – such as Mr.

Dick in David Copperfield, who was “the friendliest and most accessible creature that exists.” Nowadays, “accessible” is often used to describe someone who is sympathetic to a particular name. Winds, like everything else, are open to control if you only know how to control them. If your friends want to try skydiving and you`re receptive to the idea, it looks like you`re jumping off a plane. When a person or thing is accessible to something, they are ready, willing or accessible. Children are docile, obedient and cheerful, and feel most exposed to religious principles. “The president is open to the Constitutional Court” Jemaah Islamiyah deeply believes that jemaah Islamiyah must be ready. as soon as the political situation becomes more accessible in order to put pressure on an Islamic state. To prevent the violation of the fundamental right to life of millions of Indian children who have been abducted or suspended, a thorough and impartial investigation by the CBI is necessary. After all, many people would be willing or perhaps even enchanted by the idea of a non-traditional wedding. My uncle, who is so approachable in most areas, was relentless on this point. The consensus of Syrian experts is that the civil war cannot end as long as Bashar al-Assad remains in power, now that his protector is leaving, Assad may have to be more receptive to the end of his reign.

Etymology: From how *amenable, to bring, to a- + lead, from minare, Latin deponent minari. “Accessible hospitalization should not result in premature death”; “The tumor was not suitable for surgical treatment” Note that accessibility is often followed by a preposition, which means “being able to be controlled or influenced by something,” as in: “You are usually disposed to our desires” or “Your heart disease does not lend itself to treatment.” An accessible personality is open to influence or control and is willing to accept or give in. I was generally quite shocked at how accessible people were to change this very basic thing! I think it`s very natural for people to look at the circumstances and see them in the most accessible light to maintain their power and do things to preserve their power. The yen has continued to slide against the U.S. dollar since the beginning of the month, and in the U.S., the market viewed the Fed as a low interest rate support, but the yen`s recent and temporary strength has not yet been forgotten, and many will keep an eye on exporters ahead of the Bank of Japan`s 23rd speech. Feynman diagrams can be translated into accessible geometric spaces for cohomology analysis. The question for Republicans is whether it`s located in places where the public is open to something like Medicaid expansion. Work has even been done to make it accessible to industrial looms. Despite his reputation as an unscrupulous practitioner of the war of attrition, Grant was open to Lee`s request.

be held responsible or punished; responsible; responsible; responsible; like, receptive to the law that could have included graduate students, it could have been a school district that was very accessible to research, and then you take the results and try to take them to another place where this challenge has occurred. They are accessible to the law and must be brought to justice according to the same procedure with which men are brought to justice. Females, when pressed out, do so much if they find the tube accessible to the process. Etymology: [F. bring to lead; (L. ad) = lead to lead, fr. L. minare, to lead animals (correctly by threatening screams), to lead in LL.; L. minari, threaten, minae threatens.

See Threat.] Theme music by Joshua Stamper ©2006 New Jerusalem Music/ASCAP. A-MĒN′A-BL, adj. easy to direct or govern: responsible or subjugated. Amenability, Amen′Ableness. – adv. Amen′ably. [P. bring, lead – a = L. ad, and lead, lead – Low L. mināre, lead, lead (as cattle) – L. mināri, threaten.] Anglo-French, bring to bring, force to lead from a- (from Latin ad-) + lead, drive from late Latin minare, from Latin minari to threaten – more on the mountain. easy to guide; governable, as the wife of her husband..